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Visual design is the heart of our company.   With a passion for creative arts/design and over 10 years of experience, we pride ourselves on giving luxury service for an affordable price.  With clients including Universal Gear, Hudson NYC, Marriott Hotel, Nellie’s Sports Bar, Lux Studios, and much more; we cater to your visual and design needs!

Window and Décor Installation: Allow your wildest dreams to come to life with the help of Red Sprinkle!  We carefully construct window displays for smaller boutiques or major retailers.  Let us put your mind at ease as we offer you quality work that will wow your consumers, or guests.

Visual Merchandising: Need an in-store presentation re-haul? Allow our qualified team members to create a retail environment that will secure your future success. Follow our merchandising principles, or even establish your own. We are here to support your needs!

Runway Consultation: Our design work doesn’t just end at merchandising and event décor; use Red Sprinkle for your runway consultations, fashion show consulting, or to help critique your new clothing/apparel/accessory collection.

See real-time changes to your company with the help of Red Sprinkle.  Our team works with you to plan, execute, and produce professional, noteworthy results for your business.  Allow us to be of service to you.

Newsletters: Effectively reach your target audience, and your mailing list, with relatable content created by our knowledgeable team of writers.  Our team can create monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly newsletters to suit your business needs.

Event Production: We love bringing people together!  Utilize Red Sprinkle’s team of planners to execute launch parties, trunk shows, pop-ups, or to promote your new product or offering. We are known for our elegance, ambiance, and high level of professionalism. From helping you select a venue, tailoring your guest list, on-site event management, pre-and-post event press and more; we’ve got you covered.

Product Sponsorship: Looking for product sponsorship from top brands?  Our relationships with high-end brands make obtaining sponsorship for your company an ease.  Easily obtain backing from top product companies for beauty items such as nail polish, makeup palettes, and more.  Past sponsors include Color Club Nail Lacquer, OPI, Kiehl’s, and NYX Cosmetics, to name a few.


Our passion is working with start-ups, but we accommodate established business, as well. We offer highly strategic consumer insight, brand building and innovative services to clients looking to build their business. Take your start-up (or established) business to the next level with the help of Red Sprinkle’s knowledgeable staff.

Strategic Planning: We analyze your brand and its offering to find out who your target market is based on revenue, activity, social interaction, or any other metric that is meaningful to your company’s growth. Our team gives you an in-depth consultation, resulting in strategies to grow your business, or to reach your demographic more effectively.

Business Collaboration: We love connecting individuals. Whether you’re looking for a brand to partner with, a videographer, or a product sponsor, we can help you meet the right people. Connect with local or national businesses that can help further promote your brand.

Business/Idea Development: Have a great idea for a business but not sure where to start? Work with our skilled professionals to help you better develop an existing idea, or work with us to create a concept that can be promoted to the masses. Allow us to help you move your ideas from conception to creation.

Services Offered

window and decor installation / visual merchandising / business-idea development-management / press-print-editorial newsletters / business collaboration / strategic planning / graphic and visual design / product sponsorship / event production [including launch, trunk + promo parties] / brand strategizing


  • "The Red Sprinkle team is fantastic and we can not say enough great things about their expertise in execution! We could not have asked for a more thorough, professional and responsive team. The talent and industry knowledge that the ladies possess is unmatched and the positive can-do attitude made us feel very secure as clients. Our first-ever event in the Washington D.C. area was a huge success and we look forward to working with them in the near future."
    CruxNY / Ladies of Crux — Angel and Sennie